by Sandy Connolly

This month’s Change for Charities is going to Anchor Autism, and I spoke with Seth Goeler (deli manager) at length about this organization and why they chose it.

Anchor Autism, spearheaded by Guilford resident Page Slocum, is a dedicated, non-profit organization on a mission to help families that are being affected from the spectrum of Autism. They are in the process of raising capital to complete a mobile app/website project designed to help families get through the day-to-day challenges they face raising their disabled children. Their Facebook page provides a place to share,vent, and have a laugh or two.

This organization got on Seth’s radar screen through “a Facebook stalking chain of events.” Page Slocum, already a customer, was recommended as a friend, and he was interested to find out more. Following links through to the Autism Anchor page, he found that she was heading an effort that has been close to his heart for his entire life: helping children with disabilities. Many members of his father’s side of the family, including his father, have devoted their lives to helping children with disabilities in the school systems.

Upon catering an event for Page recently, a friendship was solidified, and Seth and Jason Iglesias agreed that Autism Anchor would be the perfect recipient for October’s Change for Charities.